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Name : Md. Abdus Subhan Mollah
Designation :
Senior Principal Officer (LPR)
Responsibility :
Works related to Anti-Money Laundering program.
Fixation of rate of interest on deposit/ investment.
Renewal of lease agreement and shifting of branch on a very selective basis.
Works related to expansion of Branches of our Bank.
Works related to suits filed in connection with Bank's property.
Misc-Works related to Bank's property. (Besides, any other jobs assigned to him from time to time) And Member of Central Anti-Money Laundering 4 (Four) member Compliance Unit headed by the deputy managing director-I, Uttara Bank Limited, Head Office, Dhaka.
Organization :
Uttara Bank Limited
Contact Number :

062851030 (Residence)
01716005299 (Mobile)

E-mail :
Comments on Site/Imtiaz :
As per my knowledge he is energetic. I am appreciating all of his good works. In the age of globalization he is representing himself globally. So, I can say that he is Dynamic. His responsibility is to collect information regarding CTR from our 202 branches all over the country, to oversee the works of the officers related to data entry, make a CD having data entry related to CTR on monthly basis, to solve the problems of server based 5 computers of the department and to perform the duties as and when allotted to him very satisfactorily. He has developed software by using MS Excel for the sending monthly statement of Government Deposits to Bangladesh Bank on monthly Bases.
I wish his every success in life.


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